Elderhorst Bells, Inc. began in Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands in 1893. J.A. Elderhorst began working on church bells as part of his steel fabrication and blacksmithing business. Over the years, church bell and clock tower service became the majority of his work. The business became J.A. Elderhorst & Zonen (Sons) and by 1926, the company was providing electric bell ringing machines, bell ringing equipment and clock service across the Netherlands.

The Elderhorst family has longstanding relationships with several major bell foundaries.

Following World War II, the family business became Elderhorst-Zoeterwoude in The Netherlands, and part of the family of craftsman moved to Canada and then on to the United States to start Elderhorst Bells.

We emphasize quality and durability and our equipment is built for continuous, heavy duty use. Our work began in Europe in 1912, where we have installed bells and tower clocks in buildings of historic significance for 80 years.
In 1962 we extended the business to the USA and Canada.

Please ask for references supporting the high quality of our work.